A Valentine's Gift Guide for the Tasteful Creative

as valentine's day approaches, my usual anticapitalist rhetoric falters slightly. while the conventional lover's starter kit of scarlet roses and perfunctory affection makes me nauseous, the potential surprise of a little v-day generosity would melt the frost off of my rose-colored glasses, at least for a moment. i tend to think your special person might also appreciate a tasteful present this holiday- even if the only valentine's spirit in their heart came from a bottle of jameson. so here's a couple things that will earn you partner points with the artistic-but-secretly-consumerist babe of your heart's desire.


a. lincoln natural jumpsuit b. boy smells kush candle c. beatrice valenzuela classic sandalia d. blush lingerie essence bodysuit e. annie costello brown arc drop earrings f. ursula basinger circle candlestick g. heidi anderson people totem h. anne carson norma jean baker of troy

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